Brasília, Dec. 6th, '80

Concerning the article ``Playing Russian Roulette''

To the Editor
So the nonchalant Polish workers ``want to tweak the bear's nose'', a Western analyst (Dec. 8th) suggests. Probably exhaustion and hunger lead workers to strikes more often then the temptation to tease bears but this is forgotten by analysts of the Central Europe (which is renamed Eastern Europe for psychological reasons).

The bear was invited to boss Polish factory at Yalta. It got the détente breath after treading down the Prague Spring. After invading Poland it might offer you a super-détente, some 4 years from now at a conference in Kabul, the capital of neutral Afghanistan Socialist Republic. The analysts would flock there to work out another peaceful period. I guess again they might succeed.

Andrzej Solecki

NEW YORK 10020
212 JUDSON 6-1212
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Maria Luisa Cisneros