Oct. 12, '01

Andrzej Solecki


Operational Rules

  1. The orange juice in Paris will not cost more than in a Colombian village.
  2. The bottle of Coca-Cola in Brazilian favelas will not be cheaper than in New York.
  3. Californian vines will be sold in Paraguay and in France.
  4. Malaysian clothes and Brazilian shoes will be on sale in Texas.
  5. Microsoft's programs will be sold all over the world.
  6. In all the world it will be possible to buy Microsoft's programs.
  7. The meetings of the owners of rich countries will be organized in safe and comfortable places.
  8. The democratic protests against these meetings will be permitted on leap years in Antarctica.
  9. Each US president is entitled to a visit to Brasília to greet the people of Bolívia.
  10. Each president of any developing country (provided that democratically elected by the US president) has the right to an annual visit to Aspen with a possibility of a joint photo with an actor that looks like the acting US president.