Andrzej Solecki, Floripa 2000

A gloss on “My Paltry Haggled Profits”

[Foto: Bohdan Paczkowski]
Photo from ``Rzeczpospolita",
Sept.16th, 2000
I've just read in “Donosy” that Jerzy Giedroyc is gone. So sad. People like him or Alister Cooke. Or Bertrand Russell. They should be here forever.

I've just recalled how he took that page with my text in his hand, burst into laughter and said “yes, I take it”. I suppose that after I had written the page (intended as an exercise in 5 word sentences at most; couldn't meet the limit in English version) it took me several minutes to understand what jumped out of me to the paper. I'm sure that Giedroyc needed just a second to reach that point.

Polishing the stuff took quite a time. Among other finishing touches I had a very instructive conversation with a well-known specialist in ancient history (from Aachen) on the differences between pax romana and pax sovietica. Yeah, I wish I could afford to take so much care of everything I write before I try to expose it to the public.

Yes, it was quite a few years before Famous Things happened. Cardinal Wojtyla had to wait more than a year to become the Pope, the electrician Walesa was earning his salary in Gdansk shipyard, the Berlin Wall used to give the solid impression of a Thousand Years Device.

How come that I wrote that? No registered history of paranormal events in my life, no Nostradamus traits. I've never considered separating white and yolk with the power of the Mind, always used egg's shell for it. At most I had some competence to read – but not to write – “L'Empire Eclaté”. So...

Well, they say that when Our Lord wants His words be heard He may use a donkey's voice...