Some years ago invited me to put my comment on the film “Lilian's Story” (Australia 1995, directed by Jerzy Domaradzki). I see now (Feb. 2007) that my opinion did not suit someone's taste as it has vanished and there stands the invitation: “Be the first person to review this film!”. Well, I was the person.

Summary: No fast cars or smart dialogues but the images stay under the eyelids.

Famous names in the cast? Pardon me my ignorance, I've never heard of them. Even if I had I would forget them soon. Too little space in my head to keep it. So, no indication whether I should watch it…

Oh, there are some words on the film: insane people. Drunkards. Violence. Nothing that I care to meet in my life. Nothing that I want to understand deeper or better.

But the film grasps me and touches me quite a lot. Why? Well, I'll have to learn the name: Ruth Crackwell. She shows me that it might be something of my life. And it is not about crazy people, it is about crazy world.

Two reflections come to me later: the more I see good Australian films, the less sympathy I feel for that world.

And the other thought comes later when I see that a ”MPAA Classification” says: “nudity, violence, profanity”. My reaction to such a label: insensibility, short-sightedness, obsession.

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