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      Polish       American        Jewish            And       Chauvinistic

         		Bilingual Biweekly Bipartisan (3)

           The only cultural exchange on this godforsaken list!!!!
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          +  Editorial Staff:					    +
          +	        Water - 89.5%				    +
          +	      Alcohol -  9.5%			  	    +
          +    Trace minerals -  1%				    +
          + ------------------------------------------------------- +
          +  Among others:					    +
          +  Red. Bezczelny 					    +
          +  (Editor-in-Grief)           Dh. Adach Smiarowski       +
          +  Red. Zastepczy 				            +
          +  (PC Editor)                 (urlop zdrowotny)          +
          +  Red. Nieodpowiedzialny				    +
          +  (Exp-Editor)		 (Nazwisko znane redakcji)  +
          +  Red. Polny						    +
          +  (Field Effect Transistor)	     vacans 	            +
          +  War Correspondent		                            +
          +  (telex from Mokotow)	     Kazek Duperas          +
          "In summer, when the days are long,
           I think you'll understand my song.""
          ----------------------- cut taxes here  ---------------------------
                   ******** special section *********
                             "RAZ NA LUDOWO" 
                       	   ad usum usenetti
          Hints on discussing polish culture. 
          Instead of dispersing your remarks on "dupa" and "kielbasa", it
          is advisable to concentrate on "dupokielbasa". One can also
          focus on "kielbasodupa", but we can not quarantee results.
          Now, preempting popular demand, we introduce subsection with
          all-time favorite polish jokes.
          Story #1.
          There comes that polish fellow to the hardware store and asks for
          some good chain-saw. The dealer brings in a brand new machine
          and says:
               - This one here, is the best we have. You can easily cut 
                 four ricks per hour with this gizmo.
          So the Pole grabs this device, pays, and goes home. 
          Next day he calls that salesman and says:
               - What the hell did you sell me!?  This junk is good for nothing!
                 I did not even cut half a rick for three hours!
          So the salesman tells him to bring the saw back. He looks it over,
          checks everything, and then pulls the link. And the Pole says:
               - Hey! What's that noise?
             	******** end of special section ******** 
          Attention Usenetters! 
          If you follow behind this line you do it at your own risk!
          No activity observed.
          MOSCOW(). Compuzdat introduced new computer game Nichortendo. Market
          	  niche is bulging.
          *********** ENVIRONMENTALISTS' SECTION ******************
          Green Peas Intl. (Pentagon Chapter) proposed new propulsion for
          super subs -- wood stoves. "This is environmentally sound answer
          to subs' energy requirements" -- said a group spekesperson  Buddy L. 
          Green-Zielinski. "We have plenty of them old wooden wrecks on the
          ocean bottom."
          It is expected that Jacques-Yves Cousteau Society will fight the
          Hints on how to ...
          Financial planning is an important topic. Since the stories about
          financial well-being and affluency are booming (even on this list)
          everyone has  her/his chance.
          Turn in your favorite tax evader! IRS (in USA) pays:
          For getting an investigation started: 	1% of the first $75k
          				      0.05% of the rest
          For info leading to indirect recovery:  5% of the first $75k
          				       2.5% of what's left
          For info leading to direct recovery:   10% of the first $75k
          				        5% of the rest
          So, read, look, and listen carefully. You fortune is just behind
          the corner. And PAJAC takes very moderate (tax-free) royalties ...
          So I made it! We went to Kampinos and even stayed there for a while.
          This fresh air is quite dangerous these days. Pollution is so big
          that you have to get back to the sewers at least once every hour and
          breath for 10 minutes. But I took a risk, got there and even saw a tree.
          Dead, but still a  r e a l  tree!
          As far as Nature, there were also some peasants lingering on a horizon
          in their tractors. They just went on strike because of their
          dissatisfaction with agrarian policy. They are quite right for they
          are the losers.
          It was like that: milk used to be 35 zl/l, curd 70zl/kg, and butter
          200 zl per 1/4 kg. At that time the peasants were selling milk for
          150 zl/l.  And you bet that they were! And, obviously, they were buying
          milk back at store (35 zl/l) to feed their calfs, pigs, etc., children
          notwithstanding. Now they are selling milk for 880 zl/l and they can
          not buy it back cheaper. And it's quite so with butter. And the paeasnts
          They also have some other grievances. They used to get loans for, say,
          0.5 mln zl and were paying back some 50k zl (real value). Now it is all
          over. The paeants are threatening, protesting and blocking entrance
          to our sewer. I am afraid I will have to wait for a while before I
          get out next time. For now, do not forget my $3 -- I incur expenses.
                             KABANET "BZDETY NA NETY"	
                   ma zaszczyc/przedstawic/niepotrzebne skreslic
          		"Wesele AD 1990"
          Czepiec:	Coz tam, panie, w polityce?
          		Chincyki trzymaja sie mocno?
          Dziennikarz:	A, moj mily gospodarzu,
          		Juz tylko Chinczyki.
          	(slychac strzaly)
          		zelazna	KURTYNA  odjezdza na zlom
                             KABANET "BZDETY NA NETY"	
                   ma zaszczyc/przedstawic/niepotrzebne skreslic
          		"Odprawe Poslow Greckich"
          		w wersji eksportowej (petroruble)
          Tow. Priamow:     Ot! Poszli won!
          	przesuwa sie na srodek swietlicy z braku kurtyny
          Do spiewania na ten tydzien:
          	Nie oddamy Wilna, nie oddamy Wilna,
          	Nie oddamy miasta Wilna.
          	Jedna bomba silna, druga bomba silna,
          (W sprawie spiewow choralnych zglaszac sie do jednojga imion Hugona)
          Dzisiaj weselne.
          		Ja spie, nie slyse, Maryna mnie traca.
          		Ja Maryne za cytryne, cytryna goraca.
          	Ozenil sie stary z mloda,
          	Posli razem spac.
          	Siedem razy na noc wstawal,
          	Ale tylko srac.
          		On zimny, on zimny, ona goraca.
          		On nie chce, nie moze, ona go traca.
          		I lewy cycek na niego kladzie,
          		Obudz sie, obudz, ty stary dziadzie.
          Letters to Editors
          ()Skad sa te kawalki od Kolberga? (n.i.a. znane redakcji)
          Odp: Rozniscie. Wiekszosc z poludniowego wschodu (dawne rzeszowskie).
               Ale np. to ostatnie (On zimny, on zimny ...) slyszalem na weselu
               na Mazurach (niedaleko Puszczy Taborskiej) a takze w podobnej
               wersji na weselu w Gorach Izerskich.
          ()Wy glupie jolopy, [...], cwoki,fafle, [...] patafiany i grafomani.
          Ze tez [...] te idiotyczne ryje wasze, ze nie wspomne [..].
          Takie bydlo [...] zasmiecajace sieci nadaje sie [...].
          Ja juz te sprawe poruszylem w odpowiednich instancjach tak
          ze, dzieki Bogu, dobiora sie wam do [...] wy [...] przy ktorych
          kretynskie cymbaly brzmia jak harfy anielskie. 
          (n.i.a. znane nie tylko redakcji)
          Odp: Sam jestes [...], ty [...]!  
                 *       Artykuly zamawiane i niezamawiane	 *
                 *       redakcja wypija i zwraca bezpowrotnie   *
                 *	Numer zamknieto z redakcja	  	 *
                 *			3/28/90			 *